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Give your Caribbean dreams a reality shape by booking your Puerto Rico trip today. Puerto Rico offers you abundant and untouched nature with a long stretch of sandy beaches, water and adventures. On your tour to Puerto Rico discover the unmeasured joy that a tropical island offers. This beautiful island will make your Caribbean dreams come true for sure!

Puerto Rico is just the right place to spend holidays for big-wave surfers, explorers, adventurous trekkers, forest explorers and beach lovers. It is home to some of the best tropical fish species with magnificent coral reefs. Get yourself ready to witness some of the rarest species of the avian species amongst the fauna and flora. So, take out some time for yourself and find yourself in this paradise island.

Enchanting Puerto Rico!: There is an exceptional amount of awesome and inspiring experience waiting for you on this invigorating island of Puerto Rico. It is a perfect place for you if you are a person who visits to sample the local gastronomy or someone who loves history and story-rich landmarks. The place is compacted in Puerto Rico’s 100*35 miles with an overwhelming number of awe-experiences. A holiday in Puerto Rico is not similar to other holiday destination around the world. This tropical island offers you the best of around the world.

Travelling to Puerto Rico: When you desire to go to exotic locations for your vacations, miles of white sand beaches, unbelievable mountains and rainforests, you choose to go to Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a civilized and a modern progressive holiday spot with sheer consistency in its hospitality and charm, regardless of the bad days it has gone through. In this tour, you will witness everything that the Caribbean offers. The warmth and welcoming gesture of the people here are sunshine gracing its shores.

However, Lest look at some basics and facts which are essential before taking your tour to Puerto Rico.

Best time to Visit: The temperature here remains summer-like the whole year with an average temperature of 26 degree Celsius. The peak tourism months is between December and April. However, it has more to do with the U.S mainland climate than anything else. If you are someone who needs extra space and less crowd, the best time for you to visit is the low season i.e. May and November, which, unfortunately, coincides with the hurricane season, therefore not really recommended.

Accommodations: Puerto Rico has a huge variety of lodgings that is suitable for a multiplicity of personalities. There are more than 13,000 hotel rooms available in this place with 50% of them located in the San Juan area. A group of 18 inns are located throughout the island of Puerto Rico which are sponsored by the government of this place through a scheme “Paradores Puertorriquenos”. Talking about the price and quality of these groups, it varies amongst them.

Additionally, if you wish to lease, rent or buy a property on this island, then there are many Real Estate Agencies offering a variety of services. Whether it is a vacation rental or a small home, real estate agents will provide you with all the required information. There is also a wide range of rental properties options to choose from in San Juan and across the island at resort areas and beach.

Currency: Puerto Rico is an associate of the Commonwealth of the US. Therefore, the currency used here is the dollar.

Personal Safety: Theft and robbery are something that does not happen occasionally, but one needs to be concerned. Women are free to wear as much jewellery as they want to with no fear. However, It is suggested that you always keep copies of your important documents and take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. They are very important.

The moderate temperature during the year helps the tourists to visit this place at any time of the year. One can really enjoy the historical and cultural mingling of the classes during the festive season which takes place from the month of June to August. The tour packages for Puerto Rico are amazing and planned for the ultimate adventure experience for the tourists. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Puerto Rico tour package today!

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