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With boundaries stretching from Hawaii to Southeast Asia, Oceania integrates Australasia and is in the southern hemisphere when it comes to seasonal differences – with added tropical climes the more north you travel. Winter falls between the months of June to August with hot days from the month of December to February. Apart from the seasons, other features need to be taken into story if you're looking for the finest time to go to Oceania and Australasia as from swimming with baleen whales in Tonga to knowing when stings congregate in the region of the Great Barrier Reef, this perhaps the smallest continent in the world but it still needs a very big calendar.

The nearer you get to the earth equator the more tropical the environment with nations like Tonga, Papua New, Guinea, and the Solomon Islands practicing in the rainy season from the month of December to March.

The high temperature in Northern Australia is relatively intense around the beginning of the year, with truly oppressive weather up in Darwin implication hiking in the month of January is absolutely not recommended. More south in New Zealand though, you will find quite mild temperatures with odds to sperm whales, spot orcas and dolphins off Kaikoura, positively worth adding to an itinerary of the Valentine in February.

From the month of November to April is a season of the cyclone, mostly along the coastlines of Western Australia, northeast Queensland, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and the desert islands of the South Pacific. Tropical cyclones may occur at any time of year, however, so please stay abreast of regionalized warnings.

From the month of April and May are regularly considered the finest time to go to Oceania and Australia as temperatures are starting to plunge and rains are felt with a modest less steadiness in sub-regions like Polynesia and Micronesia.

From July to October, you can swim with one of the giants of nature in the warm water resources around Tonga. Baleen whales roam here to give birth and suckle their new born, creating up layers of fat before making the extensive journey back down to Antarctica.

September and October find the spring in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and New Zealand whereas Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Tahiti will only be beginning their rainy months.

Months of November and December sign the begin of the summer for Kiwis and Aussies with a broad range of outdoor arts, music and foodie carnivals pushing up lodging prices in Sydney and Melbourne even as adding to the variety of choices to spent days at the beach.

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