Places to Holiday And Things To Do In Morocco

Morocco a North African country is a fantasy destination and impeccable place for travellers who want to have a delightful experience on their vacations and want to explore the natural beauty of golden beaches, seaside towns and glorious parched site of the Sahara desert.

Marrakesh: It is sited at the Atlas Mountain. If you want to enjoy the vigour atmosphere and want to explore the history of Morocco than this place is a must to visit. You will get to see central square of Djemma EL-Fna, Saadian Tombs, El Badi Palace and Lively bazaars where you can buy metal lanterns, ceramics and jwellery.

Fes: For more than 400 years it was the capital of Morocco and till today has the real essence of religion and culture of Morocco. You can explore the whole place on walking and taking the delight of intricate structural design. You can also see Merenid Tombs, Sultanate Palace of Dar el-Makhzen, Jewish Quarter and Chaouwara Tannneries.

Essaouira: It is a very famous beach away from the hustle and noise of the city. In the times around 1960 this place used to be popular beach hangout spot for really famous personalities such as Bob Marley. You can wander through the town which has fine streets with houses tinted red and blue. You will also get to see beautiful ramp art and can enjoy the traditional music Gnawa of morocco in these streets.

Palm groove camel ride: You can experience the camel ride through palm shaded desert tracks in proper Berber style. You will also get to go through the green retreats and after that delicious morocco snacks, sweet mint tea and honey pancakes will be served to you.

Sunrise hot air balloon flight: From the hot air balloon you will see how beautifully the sun sidles over the skyline forming striking colours over the desert. You can feel the calm, tranquil morning ambiance and view which only birds can feel. You can see the incredible view of the sunrise.

Marrakech city tour: Double decker electric tourist bus lets the tourist explore each and every detail of Marrakech city. You can listen to the history of the city which is played in eight different languages continuously in the bus. It has the whole guide map of the city which keeps you informed about the places you will be sightseeing.

Chefchaouen: In a vast landscape it is a small town sited in the Rif Mountain. You can do adventurous sports like hiking, wild swimming here. Amongst the architecture of Quta el Hammam square you can also take the delight of the drink.

Merzouga: Situated on the edge of Erg Chebbi Merzouga is a small desert town. You can experience the spellbinding sea of wind-blown Saharan sand ridges, backwoods of desert interior, taste of Bedouin life sitting on camel’s back.

There are many more places to visit in morocco such as Jebel Toubkl, Meknes, Dades Valley, Tangier etc. You can stay in the luxurious hotels of morocco and enjoy their luxurious services. A place without good food is not worth holidaying. You will get ample of lip-smacking food in morocco while exploring the beautiful sites of morocco you can take the delight of its famous food items such as couscous, Bastilla, Tagine, Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives, Lamb or Beef with Prunes, Kefta Meatball Tagine, Rfissa, Harira, Mechoui and many more.

If you want to have a lovely enjoyable experience in your vacations than pack your baggage and head off to morroco. There are many online agents who offer budget-friendly packages for morroco trips, you can take these packages and spend a nice weekend in morroco.

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