Welcome to Mexico

Popular for tacos, antiquated Mayan architectural ruins, and sandy shores, Mexico is a captivating blend of cosmopolitan towns and native villages.

With a casual ‘hola’ and an alluring smile of natives, one must look forward to add these 6 places in their travel plan.

Izamal: The city of Izamal has a bizarre attraction about it that would reverberate in your memory for eternity. Izamal is nicknamed "Ciudad Amarilla" which means Yellow City and when you travel here you’ll notice that each and every structure in this city is painted in yellow color. In case that seeing this splendid colonial city doesn't flip around your grimace (although we bet it won't be the case), possibly the old Mayan ruins amidst the city surely will.

In any case, this colonial sunny kinda city needs to be on your day's trip.

Oaxaca City: It's uncommon to discover a place that is really extraordinary. Oaxaca is one of those spots. With brightly dressed local people residing among a similarly beautiful cluster of structures, it's a destination that takes you to an alternate time.

Month-long festivals, daily parades are all ready to engage you here! It additionally happens to be a heaven for foodies, especially for its acclaimed seven moles, apparently free-streaming mezcal, and chapulines.

Cozumel: Cozumel is a dazzling island in the Caribbean Sea. There are a few well-known shorelines with Playa Mia Grand and Palancar being two of the most prominent beaches.

Scuba diving is the main reason tourists come to Cozumel. The top diving areas are the Mesoamerican Reef, the Museo Subacuatico de Arte, where you can view various submerged figures, and the Chankanaab Eco Park, which also includes various fascinating wildlife species and submerged caverns for divers to explore.

Tulum: Tulum has developed into a desired excursion for extravagance voyagers; in any case, despite everything, it yet entices deal seekers.

This concealed gem of Mexico's east drift was earlier a secluded escape. Here, in the Western Hemisphere, you'll discover the absolute best-preserved Mayan ruins that possess the cerulean waters of the Caribbean Sea as a background.

Furthermore, here you will find marvels, like a few cenotes or underground water-filled caves and bio-reserves. Tulum remains to be the little, calm option amid the spring break season.

Puerto Vallarta: Go to Mexico's west drift for your shoreline excursion. Puerto Vallarta has been making headlines for consisting some of the best places to visit during your trip to Mexico. While it is notable as a comprehensive resort and spring break party spot, Puerto Vallarta is far beyond that.

Adventure lovers will cherish this place a lot, as they can enjoy bungee jumping, skydiving, and paragliding, all are easily available here.

The actual fun goes at the outer world of the resorts strolling around the local area, where the party goes throughout the night. Definitely, there are unlimited activities to indulge oneself in Puerto Vallarta!

Mexico City: The list of the best cities has to be ended with the nation's dynamic capital city. Mexico City is one of the liveliest urban communities in the country. Even seven days aren’t enough for this one city.

Spend your days visiting museums on an extensive variety of topics, from artifacts to anthropology to history. You can likewise observe the remains of the previous Aztec capital city and an amazing church right at the downtown.

Touring is incredible in Mexico City, however, it is also the nightlife and culinary scenes that make it extraordinary place as compared to other spots of Mexico.

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