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The tourism industry of Greece is one of the strongest in the world and for very obvious reasons. The history, food, and architecture are all globe-renowned.

Athens, the capital of Greece, is the only major city in Europe that is bisected by the range of mountains, making astonishing mountain activities such as mountain biking and climbing cheap and convenient. The proximity the city to the ocean means seashores and water sports are also lavish. In addition to the dry, sunny Mediterranean weather is perfect for enjoying in the open air activities.

A Tourist does not need to pick between outdoors and the culture in Athens. The two go simultaneously. Following are some great ways to enjoy the rich history and attractive natural setting of the city.

Explore the Place: It would be kind of inane to visit Athens and then miss out all the amazing architectural and historic sites to go mountain biking but also there are ample of ways to merge healthy activities with historical exploration to fully engage in attractions of tourist.

The city centre has been formed into a pedestrian region for guests, and the tourism board has recommended that a typical 3km walking tour is an excellent way to get the heart moving and see the highlights of the place. Although it’s awfully touristy, the trip is a good way to make sure you don’t fail to spot any of the foremost landmarks.

With mountains in and around the capital, opportunities for adventures at outdoor near Athens are more suitable and assorted than in most other capitals of the similar size.

Hiking the hills around the capital is a popular pastime for natives and tourists in a similar way. It’s also a great way to visit remote historical sites, like the Temple of Poseidon, which is one of the favorite spots admired by every age group of the tourist. Eco-Tourism Greece has a list of hiking trails in the area, a large number of which are best for the learner and intermediate hikers.

Although the mountain biking and hiking around the capital are great, there’s no superior way to see the countryside than from the top. The climate of Greece is uniquely suited to sports such as hang gliding and paragliding because of a large number of updrafts pockets of rising warm air that enable hang gliders and Para-gliders to achieve altitude and stay in the air for longer period of the time.

Best location for Photography: One can’t beat the sunset behind the Temple of Athena and Temple of Poseidon at Sounio. It’s a favorite location for countless photographers. Tourist just simply can’t take a bad photograph here.

Kite-surfing and Windsurfing: A traveler never got the hang of it, but everyone who likes windsurfing and kite-surfing will feel affection for Nissakia, just 25km east of the capital, where winds are reliable, waves are reasonable and rental shops are abundant.

Located on the southernmost tip of the mainland of Greek, Cape Sounio is also an ultimate jumping-off point from which to plan tours to the thousands of close by Greek islands. If you’re preparing to continue the exploration of the Mediterranean and Greece, this is the finest place to wrap up your time on the city and plan your next trip of adventure.

With these hot-spot advices, your active lifestyle will be perfectly matched by beautiful landscapes, culturally varied food and breathtaking seashores scenes.

List of Greece Airlines: Below is the list of Airlines flying to Greece:

  • Emirates flights
  • Etihad Airways flights
  • SilkAir flights
  • Scoot flights
  • Air China flights
  • Singapore Airlines flights
  • Qatar Airways flights
  • British Airways flights
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